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The company successfully held its 30th anniversary celebrations.
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The company's 30th anniversary celebration has come to a successful conclusion recently. The celebration summarized and reviewed the company's 30-year development process, commended the advanced individuals who made outstanding contributions to the company's development, and held a literary performance. The overall atmosphere of the celebrations is good, reflecting the company as a new starting point for the development of listed companies and new spiritual outlook. At the same time, it has been well received by the leaders of government departments, guests of cooperative units and employees of the company.

The number of participants in the celebration is the largest since the company was founded. The celebration not only reviews the development process of the company's 30th anniversary, looks forward to the future development direction of the company, but also establishes a good corporate image to the public, increases the recognition of the company's employees to the corporate culture, and strengthens the cohesion of the company.
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