Neutral Borosilicate Tubular Vial and Ampoule
Low Borosilicate Tubular Vial and Ampoule
Oral liquid vials
Screw Neck Vial
Neutral borosilicate silicide coating injection vial


The Ampoules and Injection vials made of neutral borosilicate glass tubing manufacturered by our company are all manufacturered by the imported neutral glass tubing. Due to its good physical and chemical properties, it has good compatibility with pharmaceuticals, and the products have the properties of thermal shock resistance, cold resistance and acid&alkali resistance. The quality is strictly in accordance with YBB, ISO, EP, USP standards. The products are precise in size and have a small tolerance range and also can be designed according to YBB standards, ISO standards and custom-designed sizes. Our company's products made of neutral borosilicate glass tubing are manufactuered by imported automatic vial forming machine.

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